About Glenn

Meet Glenn McIntosh, a seasoned real estate professional on the Sunshine Coast. With a rich background in real estate spanning over three decades, Glenn's journey began with the purchase of his first investment property at the ripe old age of 17. This early foray into the market laid the foundation for his comprehensive understanding of the industry.

From constructing new homes to revitalizing numerous properties through renovations and extensions, Glenn's hands-on experience has honed his expertise in every facet of real estate. Having also spent considerable time as a renter himself, Glenn intimately understands the challenges and aspirations of tenants and property owners alike.

With an astute eye, developed over years of personal investment, Glenn knows precisely what to look for in a property. His success in real estate is evident through his portfolio of multiple investment properties; testament to his unwavering dedication and acute insight into the market. 

 Years ago, Glenn served in the Australian Defence Force (Navy) and was awarded multiple Honours and Commendations for his professionalism, leadership, integrity and discipline. After Defence, Glenn went on work in a Global Software company focussed on customer success which further invigorated and ultimately accelerated his personal remit to deliver impeccable customer service in the Real Estate industry. 

And so drawing on his diverse background and extensive knowledge, Glenn is dedicated to listening to, and guiding clients on their real estate journey, ensuring they make informed and rewarding decisions.

With Glenn McIntosh by your side, you're not just navigating the property market - you're benefiting from a lifetime of expertise and passion. Connect with Glenn today and open the doors to a real estate journey marked by insight, strategy, and success.

Join forces with Glenn - where unmatched expertise and dedication create exceptional real estate experiences.

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